Technology Research Paper Topics 科技类研究论文的题目分享

Research Paper也是留学生最常遇到的Assignment类型之一,其写作难度不亚于dissertation.本文作业大神为大家分享一些关于科学技术相关科目的research paper写作tips和题目,供大家参考学习。

Research Paper

  Someresearch paperwriting tips

了解您的research assignment. 您被分配了什么样的research paper? 在继续之前,请仔细阅读作业说明并仔细检查所有必要的信息。

找到你的topic. 查看下面列出的主题,以找到最适合您的主题。 选择一个您感兴趣的主题是必不可少的,因为如果您不热衷于该主题,那么撰写research papers可能会很费力。


撰写出色的research papers的关键是尽可能多地阅读,以便能够支持您的主张和论点。

制定outline. 绘制好研究流程后,立即创建outline. 这将使书写过程更易于管理并提高效率。 首先introduction,然后是body,最后是conclusion.

确保您的sources可信。 可以访问互联网,但请记住要注意虚假数据。 如今,在网络空间上伪造一切都很容易,因此请确保评估您的sources. 最好使用scholarly journals and articles.


Research Paper Topics on Technology

  Technology in General

为了帮助您入门,这里列出了一些topic ideas,这些思想融合了技术的不同方面,以及它如何影响人类生活的许多领域:

Determine the long-term effects of living in a technologically advanced world – are these effects in the positive or negative?

How do children under the age of 12 grow up now compared to how college-age students did a decade back? How is it any different, and what does it imply?

What is currently the most important technological tool invented that holds promise in solving world problems?

Has social media helped solve or create problems around the world?

Do social media, mobile phones, and the Internet make the world bigger? Or do they make it smaller?

Are there any implications on the global economy brought about by globalization through technology?

Technology is rapidly changing that we use devices that come with frustrating glitches and problems – is there a solution to this?

Is there any parallelism to our social interactions with other and our interactions with machines?

Is it morally wrong to genetically engineer children?

Are there any new ways people can utilize technology to change the world?

Is digital learning slowly changing schools and the education system?

Should the Internet be censored?

Do digital tools truly instigate productivity?

What is the extent of damage brought about by the development of new technologies?

How will technology look like in 20 years?

Identity chips under skin: Should the world do it?

People in every country should be given to technological advances

How are human brains different from computers?

Is organic food better than genetically modified food?

Will genetically modified food technologies truly solve hunger issues?

Developments have discovered that sequence human genes can be used predict possible heath risks in the future: is this something everyone should be doing? What are the benefits and limitations of said testing?

Who has the right to information on genetic testing? Should healthcare companies and employers be given access to that information or should they remain confidential?

When and how should parents share genetic information with their children, if any?

Are auto driving cars the cars of the future? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How will travelling be done in the future?

Should work from home finally be the norm, given the current status of Internet availability and information technologies?

How will computers advance in five years time?

Should employers have access to potential and current employees’ social media accounts?

  Technology and How it Affects Health


What should be improved to make the process of organ donation a better experience in terms of speed and convenience?

When should a person be considered dead? Should there be changes or clarifications in the current definition of “brain death”?

Should people be encouraged more to choose organ donation should the circumstances call for it?

Are there any methods developed to help solve the problem of shortage of donors?

Regenerating human limbs: will it be a reality in our lifetime?

What is the best way to rehabilitate people who have lost limbs?

Is it ethical to use animal tissues in people?

Are embryonic stem cells still necessary, given that technological innovations have the potential to make them obsolete?

Should more of funding grants given by the National Institute of Health go to practical research projects instead, as they produce direct medical help to individuals?

On a wartime crisis context, should medical costs of wounded soldiers be factored in the research and rehabilitation budget?

How do you solve the alarming problem of Type 2 diabetes in the United States?

What is the treatment for morbid obesity?

Bypass surgeries: Should they be used as a standard cure for type 2 diabetes?

Causes and solutions: The surge of diabetes in the United States?

How much of diabetes type 2 and obesity genetic and behavioural?

Should people suffering from obesity and diabetes be paying more for health care?

  Technology and its Impact on Social Relationships


How has social media changed our relationships with other people?

The importance of monitoring and limiting our social media intake

Addiction to technology should be a global concern

How is social media negatively influencing the workplace?

Social media and its effect on families, friendship, and romance

Has social media damaged the current generation’s social skills?

How should people effectively manage their social media profiles?

Should there be more regulations made for social media privacy?

  Computer Science and Robotics


Cloud computing: Where is the software and hardware borderline?

Should everything be moved into the cloud? What are the benefits and limitations?

Can reinforcement learning really teach robots to become more like human beings?

How can computer programmers be able to protect a device, especially with the rise of open-source?

Can big data and bioinformatics affect biology?

Machine learning: definition and importance

Which industry will machine learning leave the most impact?

Can virtualization trigger change in entertainment?

How can virtual reality contribute to education?

The advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality

What’s next for the Internet? Can it still be improved for the better?

The effects of misinformation in the internet age

What will humans do once computers take over our tasks?

Which of the computer languages will become most relevant in the future?

How are robots currently shaping the current state of healthcare?

Technology and Beyond

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