Esaay句型模板 Eassy高分句型——Describing Methods篇

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Esaay句型模板 Eassy高分句型——Describing Methods篇

Eassy高分句型——Describing Methods篇
Describing previously used research methods描述以前使用的研究方法

Traditionally, X has been assessed by measuring…
Anumber of techniques have been developed to…
Different methods have been proposed to classify…

Giving reasons why a method was adopted or rejected给出釆用或拒绝方法的原因

X based methods provide a means of…
X was selected for its reliability and validity.
A case study approach was used to allow a

Indicating the use of an established指示使用已建立的方法

The solution was then assayed for X using the Y method.
X was prepared according to the procedure used by Jones et al. (1957)
The synthesis of x was done according to the procedure of Smith(1973)

Describing the characteristics of the sample描述样本的特征

The cohort was divided into two groups according to…
A random sample of patients with was recruited from…
Articles were searched from January 1965 until April 2014.

Indicating criteria for selection or inclusion指明选择或包含的标准

The participants in this study were recruited from…
To identify x, the following parameters were used:…
The area of study was chosen for its relatively small..

Describing the process: infinitive of purpose描述过程:不明确的目的

To establish whether…
To measure X, a question asking…was used
To determine whether…the cells were incubated for…

Describing the process: statistical procedures描述过程:统计程序

The data were normalised using…
A p value Descriptive data were generated for all variables.
Reliability was calculated using Cronbach’s alpha.

Indicating methodological problems or limitations指示方法问题或限制

In particular, the analysis of X was problematic.
In observational studies, there is a potential for bias from…
The small size of the dataset meant that it was not possible to..



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