Essay写作技巧,英语作文写作中的 “四要,四不要”了解一下

许多留学生在写作方面取得了很好的成绩,这使许多同学感到非常苦恼。不知原因究竟在哪里出现, reference格式要求, reference都是按照老师的要求去做的,成绩出来后却不尽如人意。今日小编就为同学们支招!要知道在 essay写文章中有4件事情要做,还有4件事情不能做!具体地说就和小编一起来看看吧! 作业代写找作业大神。

Essay写作技巧,英语作文写作中的 “四要,四不要”了解一下


Answer the question—read the question carefully and do exactly what it asks you to do. You can then make a plan to help you order your ideas before you start to write.
我们留学生首先要做的是:回答问题!只有fully address all parts of the task才能在Task Response这一项上拿到理想的分数!其次也不要忘了一个好的提纲能够很好地帮助我们整理写作的思路。

Use an appropriate structure. There are several different types of question that you need to learn and they all have different structures.

Most questions ask you what your opinion is about a certain topic. If they do, make sure you make your opinion very clear throughout your essay.

Keep it simple. The examiners know you only have 40 minutes and do not expect a masterpiece. Don’t over think it. Often the best answers are the simplest ones.

Don’t show off. You are being marked on vocabulary and grammar but that does not mean you should try to use very complicated words. If you are not 100% sure, don’t use them.


You should never try to memorise or copy answers. Your grammar and vocabulary will be good but you will not have answered the question.


Don’t overuse words like “moreover”, “however” and “nowadays”. You can use these but they should not be in every sentence. If you look at a Band 9 answer they are rarely used.

以上这些词偶尔用用是没问题的~ 但是如果通篇都是“however”这类词,就不太好了。

Never write a sentence without a purpose. Each sentence has a job to do in an essay. If it doesn’t have a purpose, leave it out.

文章中的每一句话都必须有它存在的意义!它可以是topic sentence,可以是topic sentence的展开和延伸,可以是例子~ 如果这句话是毫无意义的,那就别写了~


同学们千万不要忽视这些细节哦!它们直接关联着我们essay写作的分数,只有把以上这些至关重要的细节做好了,我们的分数才能UP UP UP!需要essay代写的同学可以联系我们的客服!老带新还可以享受优惠哦!

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